Mike Tarini Nomination

My dad has always been my hero. Whether he was getting me school supplies for a science project, or dropping me off at piano lessons - he's always been there for me. But as a police officer's child, I quickly realized that my dad wasn't just my hero - he was my community's.

My dad's job wasn't a 9-5, he was always willing to help people (sometimes even while out with his family) and remained forever committed to the police association he worked for and the community in which he served. He has volunteered countless hours, arranged and marched at numerous memorial services, and continues to be a leader for his platoon. The photo that I've uploaded of my dad with the hulk gloves depicts this leadership - a gift given to him by his platoon for Christmas because he's a respected leader who is always willing to help a colleague and who is known for his hard work and determination. While you might think that me nominating my dad is a bit of a conflict, please note that I am merely shedding light on a humble man who would otherwise never expect the recognition that he deserves. For this reason, I would like to recognize Mike Tarini as my hero of choice - a hero that I've happily shared with the community of North Bay for over 30 years. Thank you for your consideration of this nomination. Natalie Tarini - Ottawa