Mylene Lacroix

I am nominating Mylene Lacroix, a dispatcher with the Cornwall Police Service, as my Civilian Police Hero – Community Role Model. Mylene is a selfless individual whom consistently completes the kindest of deeds for her co-workers, her friends, her community both here locally, by such gestures as knitting warm clothing and donating to the less fortunate and abroad with mission trips to Uganda with her additional initiative called “Project Under Things”.

Mylene made her first mission trip to Uganda early in 2018 where she submerged herself in the African community with her whole heart and her helpful hands. She continued to advocate for this mission by continuing to raise awareness in our community with her many friends and co-workers abut the needs of these beautiful souls upon her return. “Project Under Things” included collecting hundreds of underpants, socks, clothing and funds to purchase much needed items for the children of Uganda. Mylene tirelessly fundraised, by making and selling lip chaps, knitting and sharing her stories to inspire, for example she inspired my yoga studio to administer a series of yoga classes with all the proceeds being donated to her cause and all of these actions helped her to collect suitcases upon suitcases full of hope!

She again returned to Uganda in late January 2019, with “Project Under Things” and cash donations so she could again provide assistance those who needed it, these fairly small actions in the large scheme of Mylene’s life- are undoubtedly life changing for the recipients. From paying a teen mothers medical bill at a hospital, to purchasing cattle for residents of a small village, to buying a bike for a boy who was walking over 30 miles a day to get an education, theses are just a few examples of how she is providing hope and paying it forward in everything she does. The intrinsic desire to provide aid for those in need goes on and on.

As if she didn’t have enough going on already, Mylene has further begun serving her Police
Association membership by becoming the Treasurer. Mylene is a true testament to the human spirit, the kindness in action our world so desperately needs more of and what it means to selflessly give of yourself to those in need. She is truly making a difference as a police 911 dispatcher, but is further making our world, both at home and abroad, a better place because of the love and humanity she practices and naturally exudes. Mylene is wildly deserving of this award and is an example to us all!