Special Constables Michael Bednarek & Susanne Kelly

Award: On-Duty Difference Maker – Civilian Police Service Employee(s). 
Service: Ottawa Police. 
Year: 2020. 

On June 12, 2019, Special Constable Bednarek and Special Constable Kelly were driving westbound on Laurier Avenue in Ottawa, returning to the Courthouse. They were waived down by frantic pedestrians as a suicidal male had climbed over the railing of the bridge on Laurier and began wrapping an extension cord around his neck - the other end of the cord had been tied off to the bridge. Both Special Constables exited their work vehicle and ran toward the suicidal male. 

Special Constable Bednarek was able to grab a hold of the male's arm and tightly secure him. Special Constable Bednarek was then able to handcuff the male to the railing in order to deter him from jumping. The male then crouched down, still on the opposite side of the bridge, and became unresponsive. Special Constable Kelly used quick thinking and brought a pair of shackles. They utilized the shackles and attached them to the male's ankles and railing. At the same time, Special Constable Bednarek kept a tight grip on the male as he was leaning over the railing, in a dangerous situation for himself, while trying to engage the male in positive conversation. Eventually, the Ottawa Fire Department arrived and secured the male, and they were able to pull him back over the bridge.

Without the quick actions of both Special Constable Bednarek and Kelly, in a precarious situation that does not fall under the duties of a special constable, the suicidal male would have likely been successful in his attempt.