Michael Allison

I would like to nominate Mike Allison. I believe that he deserves to be recognized for the expertise and tireless dedication he has displayed throughout his career. He has served on Patrol, the Domestic Violence Unit, the Major Case Unit and now in the Child Advocacy Branch. 

All of these senior detective departments require special attention to detail and superior interviewing skills, but I believe it is the day to day contact with vulnerable persons that sets Constable Allison apart. He doesn't expect to be rewarded for doing his job, but makes it his goal to care for everyone he deals with, be they victims, peers and or allied agencies. His personal code of professionalism means that everyone he meets is treated with respect. Integrity is paramount to him and he has built his career based on it. He doesn't just do the job, he embodies everything a police officer should be. I am so very proud of all of his hard work and wish that he could be recognized for the high standards that he sets for himself. He isn't just a hero to the people of Waterloo Region, he is my hero as well. Thank you.