Marc Taraso

We would like to nominate Constable Marc Taraso of the Halton Regional Police Service for Police Hero 2021. Marc is a tireless advocate for road safety and educates the community through an engaging use of social media. Marc often takes time to make public safety videos and interact with his Twitter base of over 12K followers where he educates and answers questions on the HTA.

Marc continually advocates for drivers to stop driving distracted and to not drive impaired.

Marc has been instrumental in Project Noisemaker which launched this year in the Region of Halton. This initiative was created in response to complaints received across the Region with regards to unnecessary and unreasonable noise being caused by motor vehicles, where the operators have chosen to remove the mufflers or modify the exhaust systems. This initiative also included aggressive driving and illegal vehicle modifications. Video of Project Noisemaker Launch below:

Most recently, Marc observed vehicles racing and driving in excess of 129 km/hr in a 60 km zone, overtaking motorists and sliding. Marc was able to stop 3 vehicles safely. Marc was also the lead for the safe operation of an emergency vehicle salute at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital to show support for healthcare workers. Video of Frontline Clap December 2020 below:

Nomination submitted by: Frontline Clap @FrontlineClap