Lisa Smith

The day I met Constable Lisa Smith my life changed completely. Within hours of meeting her I learned so much about her compassion, kind heart, and how much she truly cared about her family, friends, the the people she protects on a daily basis. I learned about not one specific act of courage, or kindness that Constable Smith portrayed, I learned about several. 

I learned that she rescued a dog from an animal abuse situation, and ended up adopting the dog herself. And every time I look down at Gia's big brown eyes, I see a dog that survived the impossible, and now is living the most amazing & easy life. I learned that she takes socks to the many homeless citizens of Owen Sound to help provide them with a bit of comfort on the cold nights, and by her telling me some of her toughest moments while working, I came to the realization that she is someone I want to become. I look ten years down the road for myself and for my sister, and I think that if we became half of the human being that she is, we should both be incredibly proud of the people that we have become. It takes a special type of person to do what she and many others do day in and day out, but I hope that by this simple nomination, she knows that what she does no matter how big, or how small, does not go un noticed. In no matter what aspect of life, she is always going to be my hero.