Linzi Edwards

Where do I begin! OPP Constable Linzi Edwards started a community Facebook page in Halton Hills. The page is called Halton Hills it Takes a Village. This page now has over 1,600 members. Linzi created this page in 2020 when COVID-19 hit us and she realized there are people in need of support locally. She created the page to get the community she lives in together to support each other. This page allows people to reach out and get help for people who might be struggling. 

I was one of these people struggling with missing my family during COVID, and when Linzi brought me in as an Admin to the group in November 2020 to help with the group, what she didn't realize is that she helped me!

We were able to help over 250 seniors during Christmas. She arranged Christmas presents for each and every senior in our low income housing in Halton Hills along with supporting the Halton Mental Health nurses and bringing joy to some of their patients that needed a reminder that community will always support them.

Linzi also helped over 13 families and was able to put together Christmas presents for them, being a secret Santa dropping them off. COVID-19 has caused people to feel isolated and lonely, and Linzi has created this amazing group to remind people they are not alone. If someone is in need of some cheer or community spirit, she is there! I have been blessed to be apart of this and to see just how special Linzi is. She truly wears her heart on her sleeve. Linzi would help anyone and has brought so much joy to our town of Halton Hills in this very dark time of COVID.

Linzi's true calling of being a Police Officer and putting others first is so evident in everything she does. I'm so proud of her and so thankful that she has allowed me to be apart of this very special group, which she started with only 1 follower to now an amazing Facebook Page giving back to everyone and turning away no one. Please take the time to check out the Facebook page and you will see the joy Linzi has brought to our community during this difficult time: