Provincial Constable Ken Jones - Ontario Provincial Police

On May 22nd, 2023, I called the police, ready to relapse. I have been sober since March 28, 2023. Unsure what to do and got linked up on the phone with the officer Ken Jones. I explained that I was in recovery and that I was fighting the urge to use or drink, and he listened. Open-minded, he didn't change his tone like I had experienced in other instances when I specified, I was an addict and alcoholic. He talked me down and let me ramble and vent. Showed kindness like I hadn't received in a long while. I believe if I had had relapsed. I wouldn't have survived that relapse. He made me realize that police officers are just people, honest. Caring and compassionate ones at that exist. I do believe he is the sole reason I am just over ten months sober and alive today. He may not understand the impact he has by simply being a listening ear, but that saves lives. So thanks to him!! He rocks!!