Keira Brooks (2)

Constable Brooks is truly a blessing. She is our school community police officer and she is one of the hardest working resource officers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She never stops working to ensure our school is safe. She answers messages and texts 24-7, weekends, doesn't matter. We always know that she will help in any way she can. 

She goes above and beyond each and every day to keep the peace and make everyone feel safe.
Constable Brooks holds an extremely tough position. She is the resource officer for two of the largest high schools in Barrie and, although it's a stretch to service both schools, she does a phenomenal job servicing both. She not only patrols, she guides and counsels many teens. She is never afraid to share her personal stories and has such a way of connecting with our students.
Constable Brooks is part of our school community in every way. She attends so many of our school functions, walks the halls and has fostered such an amazing rapport with all our students, and also challenges them to give back to their communities. She is a perfect example of a role model, always giving to the community she serves, always ensuring our lost souls have her number just in case... she encourages students to be the change and she just never gives up on any of them.
In a day and age where we read about so much tragedy happening at schools, we feel so much comfort having Officer Brooks at the ready! I really don't know where our school would be without our amazing Constable Brooks. She is simply our life saver!!!