Joe Torcivia

We had our car quit in Ajax during 3:10-5:30 pm rush hour in a construction site while Christmas shopping and dropping gifts in Ajax, Ont. Another Constable first came on the scene as we had called for help. We were between Westney Rd and Highway #2. So anyone familiar with the area knows this is a busy spot at all times, plus there was construction. PC Torcivia came to replace the first set of constables. He was so kind. Placed an order for the tow truck. Actually got the construction crew to help move our car. Had lights signalling car problem. 

Waving people on. Asked us if we were secure and warm. Stayed with us, checking on us regularly. When the tow truck finally got there, Constable Torcivia asked him to take us and our puppies (all three) home to Bowmanville safely. Even though he didn't need to. We just want to thank him for going above and beyond his duty to make sure we were safe and stayed safe. He left finally as the tow truck took us safely home. We feel that he should be honoured for his beyond-duty services, his kindness and care for my daughter and myself, and especially our wee pups. Thank you Constable Torcivia #3575.