Heidi O'Neill - Halton Regional Police Service

For the 2024 Police Hero Award, I would like to nominate Heidi O’Neill. Heidi has been an important piece in both my and my sister's life. In 2017, my sister and I were going through a hard time with family, and we felt lost. We didn’t understand our rights and what we were capable of doing to navigate the situation we were facing. We were introduced to Heidi by our principal, and she helped us navigate our situation and motivated us the entire way. Heidi was always invested in our growth, she was always willing to help us in times of need. She came to all of our extracurricular activities and helped instil confidence that we were building. Heidi helped develop us into who we are today. Now, my sister and I are working in the emergency response profession to follow in the footsteps of Heidi. She changed our lives and gave us the tools we needed to succeed. She was such an important part of our lives and deserves this award!