Hayley Walker, Niagara Regional Police Service

I first met Detective Constable Hayley Walker back in October of 2015. Hayley is such a kind human with a huge heart. She has gone the extra mile for me time and time again. Previous to meeting Hayley, I did not trust police officers and was taught that they are mean, evil people. That's not the case at all. When I met her, I wasn’t doing well and was in unsafe conditions. Hayley saved my life. When I went to the hospital a week later, they told me that if Hayley didn’t do what she did that night, I would not have been standing in front of the doctor that day. I still speak highly of Hayley and have so much respect and love of her willingness to do what she did to help save me. I am forever grateful for her and what she did for me. Thank you to Hayley Walker and to all the other first responders.