Evan Harrison (3)

Constable Evan Harrison is a Community Services officer working for London Police Services. He has impacted numerous lives in the schools. He runs programs  to educate children on social media, bullying, etc. He runs several sport tournaments over the summer. Last year, he developed a special program with London Police and the Children’s Hospital where he and his team make regular visits with children staying there. 

He goes out of his way to volunteer his time - even outside of work - by being the Head Coach for the London Devilettes girls hockey team. He also regularly volunteers his time to assist with the Breast Cancer society to help raise money for the local Breast Care Clinic at St. Joe’s Hospital in London. His passion to give back to the community shouldn’t go unnoticed. He is well respected by his colleagues and superiors. He walks around with a big smile and has fun doing what he does every day. Children often reach out to Constable Evan for more frequent visits to their school as they enjoy his presentations and humour. I nominate Constable Evan Harrison for this award within the Community.