Cst. Eric Loeffler - Nomination

On behalf of my 6 year old son and myself, I am nominating Constable Eric Loeffler (#1544) for a hero of the year award. 
In August 2015, I was involved in a domestic incident that my son had sadly witnessed. Although the Constable performed his job very well, this nomination is based on his big heart of gold. During the incident, PC Loeffler visited my son who was at the neighbour's house. An impressionable visit it was. After that day, my son pretended to be a police officer for the next several weeks and had also decided that he was going to be a Police Officer when he grew up. He wanted to save the world from bad people. The other day, he said to me, "Whenever we pass by a police car, I look for the 'Big Guy' but I don't see him."

Personally, I was a wreck: scared, sad and lost. And so, dealing with an extremely polite and compassionate officer made it easier to deal with the situation. PC Loeffler drove me to and from the station. He also followed us to the outskirts of our town to ensure we had left safely.

Constable Loeffler,
I thank you for leaving a positive and lasting impression on my son during a very difficult time.
I thank you for helping to protect my family.
I thank you for making me feel safe.
I thank you for being our Super Hero.