Sergeant Ed Sanchuk - Ontario Provincial Police

Sergeant Ed Sanchuk does not just go the extra mile he also goes above and beyond. He is a community role model, but I would like to nominate him for going the extra mile.
For the last decade, Sergeant Sanchuk has been visiting various churches and outreach centres on Christmas morning with his son and father and handing out bags of goodies to people who are in need. I know that he has made significant inroads with marginalized community members.
Sergeant Sanchuk is always doing things for others to make a difference. He visited a young child in Simcoe with cancer and has continually stayed in touch with him. He also helped another young boy in Delhi who had cancer and truly made them happy. I clearly remember that he also helped with birthday cards and gifts.
He is always doing something for someone, and everyone says he always does it with a smile. He treats everyone with respect regardless of the person's position in our community.
He is truly missed since he moved to London, but I continually see him helping others and usually off duty.
I clearly remember him posting on Facebook about a young girl named Teegan, whom he met in 2019. Teegan went through 70 weeks of chemo. In 2023, he posted a pic with Teegan at the Norfolk Fair. He always goes the extra mile and puts everyone and the community above himself.
One person told me that he was not working and was in a grocery store and paid for a person's grocery bill because they didn't have any money. He did not even question it.
He is very respected, and people know that he is genuine and caring and will always be there to help.
I just wanted to nominate Ed for always going the extra mile. I know I have forgotten many things because everyone continually talks about him, and he deserves this award.