Dect. Matt Maguire - Niagara Region Police Service

Detective Matt Maguire is the ultimate officer you would want leading an investigation if you or a family member were a victim of a crime. His compassion, kindness, communication, and care were outstanding throughout his entire investigation of a shooting crime committed against a family member of mine. The perpetrator remained at large for 4 months, during which Det. Maguire worked tirelessly, averaging 60-80 hours a week for months to capture this criminal. He made multiple 1-2 hour trips to follow leads, interview known associates of the criminal, and forge partnerships with other police divisions to capture the shooter. He consistently kept us informed, revealing as much as he could in an ongoing investigation, assuring us that he was doing everything possible to close the case. His genuine compassion for the victim and his family went far beyond "just his job" to a level you could compare to that of a family member himself. His laser-sharp focus, determination, and detective skills were beyond what anyone could ask for in a police investigation. He made himself available every day, at any hour, to talk with the victim or his family members. His communication with us provided some comfort under the circumstances, knowing he was going to arrest this criminal and put him behind bars for a very long time, which he did. While on vacation with his family in another country, he took the time to FaceTime us the moment he was informed of the criminal's apprehension. Who does that? Words cannot express the gratitude we all have for this man and his team. He deserves any award available for his tireless service to help keep this world a better place.