Darrell Blakely (1)

When reflecting on the notion of police hero, what comes to mind is more than just the officer who “saves the day” and “catches the bad guy.” To serve, protect and create a safer Cornwall is an obvious priority for Detective Constable Darrell Blakely. A victim-centred approach is at the core of his police work, and is evidenced by the high level of respect and professionalism he displays for children, youth, and families in our community, even during the most difficult of cases.

As a community partner, various members of my agency have commented on Darrell’s compassion for others, his integrity for a just and critical investigation, and his empathy for all involved. Darrell’s commitment to teamwork extends beyond other officers and ensures collaboration in every aspect. He takes note of the well-being of his colleagues and peers, and offers support when needed.

Darrell actively participates in community-based events, both hosted by Cornwall Police Services and his church community, developing and maintaining relationships with our community’s children. Here, he promotes safety and connection, while reinforcing for kids the notion that police truly are there to help.

Going above what is expected comes naturally to Darrell. There is no question in my mind, and in the minds of others, that Detective Constable Blakely is more than a police hero; he is a father, a protector, a mentor, a coach, and a comrade. Most importantly, he is an asset to CPS and our community is fortunate to have him.