Cst. Michael Gallardi - Niagara Region Police Service

I nominate Officer Michael (Mike) Gallardi for their exceptional service and dedication to public safety. On or around December 7, 2023, I found myself in a deeply distressing situation where I was feeling suicidal and overwhelmed. In a moment of despair, I reached out to law enforcement for help, and Officer Gallardi responded promptly and with immense compassion.
Upon arrival, Officer Gallardi demonstrated exceptional professionalism and empathy. He approached the situation with care and understanding, actively listening to my concerns and providing reassurance. Through his calm demeanour and skilled communication, Officer Gallardo was able to de-escalate the tension and help me regain control over my emotions.
Moreover, Officer Gallardi went above and beyond his duty by offering valuable resources and support systems to aid my recovery. His genuine concern for my well-being and commitment to ensuring my safety left a profound impact on me and enabled me to being open to receiving more help and that I was allowed to feel the way I was feeling.
I am immensely grateful for Officer Gallardi's intervention, which undoubtedly saved me from a potentially tragic outcome. Their exemplary conduct embodies the highest standards of his professionalism serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to serving and protecting the community as well as handling mental health calls with care and respect.
In recognition for that day and without a doubt saving myself from doing a permanent action based on emotional reaction. It had left an impact on me that has help my healing journey, if it was not for his help that night and words of honesty and compassion I’m not sure where I would be on my healing journey. As well as him growing up playing hockey as a goalie like myself it felt all more personal to having a personal connection and understanding in such a high stress situation. Officer Gallardi and his selfless actions have made a positive impact on my life and I will forever be greatful for him on that dark night in my time of need.