Cst. Matt Haylor - London Police Service

In 2019. Matt Haylor was at home sick when he realized something was more wrong than initially thought. After a visit to LHSC, his life quickly changed as he was diagnosing a disease in his leg. After explaining to the doctors that he was a very active current K9 handler, they pulled off a miracle and saved his leg. After just 6 months and intense therapy, Matt returned to work with his dog Kylo. This was an unbelievable feat, and Matt not only returned to work but was immediately back as one of the best handlers in the unit. Matt's resilience and grit should be honoured and celebrated, as many officers struggle to come to work and perform daily with no medical issues. Last year, due to an issue within the unit, Matt was asked to return to K9 and help the unit, and he did so without blinking an eye. Matt continues to be a leader in the unit and is the definition of the extra mile to me. His dedication to policing, his family and the canine unit is unmatched, and I applaud him.