Cst. Gul Mohammad - Niagara Region Police Service

I first met Gul during COVID-19; we were placed in a group of individuals online who were on a project to make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community. Gul and a fellow officer told us about the new division they were developing within Niagara, the Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Unit. Thanks to Gul and COVID-19 and continuing partnerships, the EDI Unit has become one of the most recognized and appreciated units within the Niagara Region Police Service. Gul is always at each event for different communities; he shares his struggles and stories to bond and relate to others and always goes above and beyond to make sure that not only is the call of duty respected, but so is how things are handled differently in each community. This unit would not have the dedication and relationships it has today if it were not for Gul.