Cst. Gord Boulton - Nomination

I have know Constable Gord Boulton all his life and have had the pleasure of watch him grown from a fine young kid to a great young man Being a police officer was definitely his calling as he's demonstrated brave qualities at a young age Constable Boulton in his teenage years was instrumental with a group of others in saving the life of a young girl from a house fire and the attempt to save her younger brother were unfortunately not possible (fire was at Battersea General Store).


As a police officer he has helped my family out at a difficult time with his personal and professional advice and continues to do do with an on going problem In his spare time he has organized a play program at a local country school to help kids keep active during the winter months and in the summer he coaches soccer and is well respected by both parents and children And even though Constable Boulton has suffered significant loss in his life he continues to go to work each day to help and serve others in our community. He demonstrates the following qualities - he is compassionate about his job, is empathetic dedicated supportive and a hard working young officer I consider that the moment each officer puts on that uniform that they are not only serving our community but risking their lives beach day to protect us. I hope u will seriously consider Constable Gord Boulton for this award as he takes his job seriously and is good at what he dies He is a police officer to be proud of and the fact that he puts on that uniform each day is enough to make and all police officers heroes!! Mary Lou Kirkpatrick - Kingston