Cst. Evan Harrison

Award: Community Role Model. 
Service: London Police. 
Year: 2020. 

Cst. Evan Harrison was nominated by various community members in the London area for his positive impact as a School Resource Officer and his volunteer work with kids in the London community, notably at The Children’s Hospital and as a non-parent coach in a local minor hockey league. Below are a few excerpts: 

I’m nominating Constable Harrison for this award for many reasons. His display of commitment, compassion and kindness only scratch the surface. Through his role as School Resource Officer, Cst. Harrison has developed such strong connections with my students, making each one feel special and valued in their own unique way. His dedication and determination to always make the world around him a better place is so inspiring for the younger generation to watch and learn from. It is truly evident that Officer Harrison was made for this job. The London Police Service and all of the schools he works with are so lucky to have such a stand up hero working alongside them. Thank you Constable Harrison for making such an impactful difference. 

I want to nominate Evan Harrison because he is my hockey coach this year. He gives up his time to come hang out with us - he’s an amazing coach and he always makes everyone laugh. He is someone I look up to because he helps me learn new things in hockey, and he helps me push harder to achieve my goals. Another reason why I want to nominate him is because he makes a difference in our London community by keeping it safe.

I would like to nominate Evan Harrison for this award. He was the one to develop the relationship with the London Police Service and Children's Health Foundation. This partnership has meant the world to children accessing care at Children's Hospital in London. Evan, along with our Dr. Beary Goode mascot, frequently visits children in hospital. This kind gesture goes such a long way to bring smiles to the kids' faces and ease some of that day to day stress that parents go through while their kids remain in hospital. I cannot say enough about Evan and all he does to maintain this partnership as well as the selflessness he demonstrates on a day to day basis. I speak for many at the hospital that Evan is a police hero bringing countless smiles and joy to kids here at CH.