Cst. Cynthia Martin

I would like to nominate my step-daughter, Constable Cynthia Martin, who is a strong, courageous, loving individual with a heart of gold. As well as balancing her career and family including three young children, she faces every challenge in her daily life with strong determination. She is solidly committed to ensuring everyone is treated with fairness and respect while performing her duties with the Waterloo Regional Police Service, and with everyone else she comes in contact with on a daily basis. She is well known and highly respected by her professional colleagues as well as an involved and well liked member of the indigenous community. She is a survivor of breast cancer having been diagnosed with the disease during her last pregnancy two years ago. She continues to be a pillar of strength not only to her family, but to her friends and colleagues who respect and admire her and her determination to enjoy life to its fullest. Cynthia is an inspiration to all and she is my hero!