Constable Robert Lawther, Hamilton Police Service – 2023 Uniform On-Duty Difference Maker Award

He has provided unwavering support and care to a fellow first responder facing post-traumatic stress disorder. He was hired in 2013 and is currently assigned to Division One Patrol on C Squad. Robert responded to multiple 911 calls for their safety in their most challenging moments, showing genuine concern and compassion.

This individual was his nominator Max Power, a Primary Care Paramedic with the Hamilton Paramedic Service. He shared a deeply personal story during the ceremony. He credits Robert with saving his life at a time when he had reached a point of despair and doubted his ability to continue serving as a first responder.

Max’s story is a powerful testament and underscores the importance of support and camaraderie within the first responder community. It reminds us all that heroes come in many forms, often quietly working behind the scenes to make a difference in the lives of others.