Chabine Tucker (2)

I unequivocally nominate Chabine Tucker. Chabine is an amazing asset to the Ottawa Police Service as he has completed projects, that were self initiated, to benefit other officers and the service as a hole. Chabine has assisted an investigation to successfully stop human trafficking. He has also used his analytical skills to complete many other criminal and provincial cases which makes the communities in the City of Ottawa a safer place.

Chabine's passion for youth is endless and extends to youth that have been affected by poverty, abuse, addictions, mental health concerns, family trauma, gang and drug activity, and bullying.

Chabine is the founder of the Ottawa Police Hoopstars, which is a revamped version of a previous Ottawa Police basketball team. It is a volunteer program that directs police officers and community partners into schools and communities to interact with youth to build lasting relationships. The Hoopstars also connect with parents and teachers to remind them that it takes a village to raise a child and that they'll need all the positive influences that they can find.

The Hoopstars has opened doors for other officers and all partners engaged to share their vision and implement them for the benefit of the community. Building a bridge between community and police is a high priority.

Chabine is supportive of others success and he has built all of this from a dream and the will to get it done. He is a true HERO and is deserving of an award such as this.