Carey Widbur (2)

I was a waylaid motorist in a blizzard one recent Winter's Eve and I count myself among the fortunate to have even made it to Shelburne. I parked next to the "Road Closed" sign hoping the highway would re-open. Along came Constable Widbur who asked if I needed anything at all and offered to come and check up on me during the night.

I wasn't too happy that I wouldn't be making it to my nephew's 4th birthday but the way Constable Widbur treated me caused me to accept my predicament. Constable Widbur did his best to check up on us foolish motorists and he represented his community and Service well.

He gave me some hope in a bad situation and I'll always be thankful for to him for that. I work for a major transit agency in the GTA and the way he treated me made me think about how I interact with my passengers. Constable Widbur is my hero and I hope he wins because he truly deserves it.

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