Brian Jones, Ontario Provincial Police

Brian Jones has been recognized by several officers throughout the northwest region for going above and beyond the call of duty for rescuing a drowning person and then receiving the life-saving medal for his heroism. He has been recognized in the east region for outstanding traffic initiatives, truck inspection, motor vehicle collision recovery strategy and his passion for highway safety throughout the province. He rescued a pilot that crashed his plane in the woods of Tincap, Ontario. First on the scene, Brian Jones recovered the pilot, who was almost drowning in mud, pulling him out of the pit. He administered the necessary first aid and carried the pilot to EMS on scene.

Brian Jones has been recognized as a leader who makes other officers feel safe and confident in their work environment, and always has the motivation to pass to other officers to complete any task. Whether Brian Jones is on or off duty, on vacation in Florida, or keeping busy around the house, you can always give him a call with questions about the job. His phone never goes unanswered. Footage of Brian Jones can been seen on highway rescue 401: coordinating several tow crews to recover many trucks involved in a collision or herding cows back into a trailer that managed to escape.

He is often recognized as the Leeds “Legend” and recently obtained the position of Incident Commander at Leeds OPP in Brockville and promoted to Staff Sergeant at Leeds OPP in Brockville. Brian will not hesitate to leave the desk in the office and go on scene to assist with anything under any circumstance. Brian Jones has inspired many officers in the province to go above and beyond the call of duty based off his leadership and his actions. Brian will do so as his legendary journey as a police officer goes on. Brian Jones, with 22 years with the Ontario Provincial Police, deserves the 2022 Hero of the year Award.