Brandon Eaket (2)

I have had the pleasure of working alongside Brandon since 2018. Currently, he is in the position of a School Resource Officer and makes a difference daily in the community. I have observed him as an active role model by participating in various classes during the school day - whether answering questions or presenting, asking the children about their day when they walk by in the hallways, and providing them career, school and life advice.

He never misses an opportunity to poke fun at himself to make somebody else's day better and will bust a move in the hallways to make the students laugh. Brandon handles sensitive matters in relation to students with the utmost empathy, considering the well-being and health of the students first. He is also very patient during any encounter he has during his day to day duties.

Prior to starting with Brandon as a school resource officer, I discovered Brandon took it upon himself to attend the school and assist in coaching the football team as he played university football. He passed on his knowledge and wisdom and quickly became a staple resource for all of the athletes of the school when it came to their personal issues and advice.

On one occasion, a student was filling out a university application and was concerned about her finances. Brandon sat with the student for a full lunch period and showed her various websites she could utilize to apply for grants and scholarships. The student was immediately filled with hope and thanked him profusely.

Brandon has also spent time in the weight room and during various sporting events being an active participant along with providing helpful tips. Brandon is the consummate professional and does his day to day duties as an involved member of the community all while being a loving husband and father.

I wish to nominate Brandon Eaket as he is my police hero.