Amy Finn (12)

I was at Sobeys one morning before work and Officer Finn was in the line in front of me on her way to work in her uniform, and I noticed she had school snacks. I was there for school snacks as well, so in trying to show my daughter that police are friendly and you can have a conversation with them just like regular people, I asked 'oh you had to do the quick run out before school as well for your kids?' She said 'oh no, these aren't for my kids - I bring them to the school in case any kids forgot theirs.' 

I was so moved by this because we already come from a fantastic community where there are so many programs, people and places that will help you in your time of need, and I know by being an officer she would have seen it more. She still chose to take her time and her money to help be an even bigger part of the solution. She truly exemplifies what an officer should strive to be both on and off duty. I do not know her personally but know many people who do and love her because she reminds them that police are human and are here to help.