Alice Czitrom

Alice Czitrom is a civilian member of the Peterborough Police Victim Services Unit and is the primary handler/trainer of the PPS Facility Dog, Pixie. Alice has spent countless hours to organize, research and develop this program within the Peterborough Police Service. With clear goals and her passion in working with the community in mind, Alice and Pixie provide a much needed calm, comfort and compassion to the citizens of Peterborough.

Pixie is a 4 year old Accredited Facility Dog, who has worked with Autistic children in the past. Pixie is trained to provide comfort to victims of crime, persons in crisis, persons in tragic circumstances and victims of sexual assault. Pixie is also a social ambassador and educator to the younger residents of Peterborough. 

In the first 8 months since the Facility Dog Program has been instituted in Peterborough, Alice and Pixie have attended 25 police interviews, including sexual assault and victims of crime, to provide support and comfort, attended 60 meetings between victims and police, and much more. This team also offers calm moments to those who work for the Peterborough Police Service.

In conclusion, Alice and Pixie are local Peterborough heroes!

Quote from Peterborough Mayor Ms. Diane Therrien: "As much as we appreciate the donation, there's also the intangible value that Pixie brings to members of the Service as well as the residents she gets to interact with and help."

You can follow Pixie on Instagram: @ptbopoliceK9pixie.