Cst. Adam McEachern - York Regional Police Service

Constable Adam McEachern embodies the YRP motto of 'Deeds Speak'; this is shown through his incredibly valiant and dedicated charity work. In recent years, Adam has drawn tons of attention and support for this autism fundraiser. A cause he holds dear after his son was placed on the spectrum at 3.5 years old.

It began in 2021 when Adam decided to raise funds for Kerry's Place, a service that assists autistic children and their families. To raise funds, Adam took on the unfathomable task of doing the 24-hour "Murph" Challenge, which entails a 34-mile run, 5,100 squats, 3,400 push-ups, and 1,700 pull-ups!

After completing that fundraiser, Adam raised over $11,000 for the charity. Since then, Adam has done a similar and equally gruelling 24-hour challenge every year. In that time, Adam has raised over $80,000 for Kerry's Place, with a goal of raising another $50,000 this year!

Adam also spends time teaching Brazilian jujitsu to fellow first responders to give them an edge when faced with physical assault and altercations.

It is clear that Adam not only values his community but, more importantly, those who need our help the most. Adam is absolutely a Community Hero!