Past Recipients

Cst Elizabeth Skelding - past nominee

Just before midnight on April 28, 2015, Constable Elizabeth Skelding responded to a domestic abuse call in progress at a house in Cambridge Ontario. As the police cruiser approached, a male started to stab a female with a knife in the driveway. Due to the proximity between the two, Officer Skelding attempted to first, manually disarm the male as the use of her gun could have harmed the victim. In the ensuing struggle, the male stabbed Officer Skelding and continued towards his ex-girlfriend. The police officer drew her weapon and shot the male to stop him. While she was bleeding, Officer Skelding kept her gun on him until other officers arrived on the scene. Constable Skelding’s prompt actions saved the woman’s life.

Constable Phil Sheldon

Award: In the Line of Duty
Service: Niagara Regional Police
Year: 2016

Constable Phil Sheldon attended to a murder suicide in progress and was severely wounded during the incident as a result of his heroic actions.

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Constable Patrick Rawn

Award: In the Line of Duty
Service: Owen Sound
Year: 2016

Patrick Rawn was the acting Sergeant for his platoon on the morning of August 10, 2016, when Owen Sound came alive to a multitude of calls for fire and police services in the residential area of the city’s east side. Patrick showed calm, leadership in a storm of chaos and fear, bravely pulling people from burning buildings and assisting any way he could to keep residents safe and out of harm’s way.

Special Constable Sharon Williamson

Award: In the Community
Service: Hamilton Police Service
Year: 2016

Sharon Williamson, a Special Constable with the Hamilton Police Service, donates her time to bring attention to the homeless in her city. She raises money and provides some of the common necessities of life that people take for granted to ensure that Hamilton’s homeless feel a sense of worth.

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