How it Works

  • Nominations need to include a written or verbal description (through a PAO web form, mail, email, Facebook post, Instagram post or Twitter DM or post) as to why the candidate should be awarded the PAO Police Services Hero of the Year.
  • Deadline for submissions is March 19, 2017
  • All submissions are kept strictly confidential. No names will be disclosed without the expressed written consent of the nominator. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominee must be one of the following – a sworn police officer, 9-1-1 Dispatcher, or any other employee of a municipal police service.
  • Nomination must identify a specific ‘Hero’ to be recognized.
  • Nominations must be submitted by no later than 5:00pm, March 19, 2017 Eastern Standard Time.
  • Nominator must identify themselves in the submission for the purpose of verifying validity of content.
  • No member of the Awards Committee can be nominated.

Award process

  • Between February 6 and March 17, 2017, the PAO will be accepting nominations from the public (nominator).
  • Nominations can be submitted via policehero.ca, mailed, e-mailed, or posted via social media on the PAO Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.
  • Any nominator can nominate more than one police services personnel.
  • In March, all nominations are compiled and provided to the PAO Awards Committee to deliberate and select a winner.
  • The PAO Police Services Hero of the Year Award will be announced at the Annual General Meeting in London during the week of the May 15, 2017.