Kevin Bender - Nomination

I met Constable Kevin Bender during a ride-along in 2012. Constable Kevin Bender has since become a close friend & an amazing mentor to me. He is someone I can model myself after. His constant strive to always go above and beyond for his job & his duties outside of it are admirable. His work as a High school Liaison Officer and his work in the Community Mobilization Unit, patrolling at-risk neighbourhoods have benefited the community greatly. As someone who has seen his work first-hand and as a regular civilian, he is everything a Police Officer should be. - Yuri Evlov, Halton Region

Simon Burden - Nomination

This is one of the best, smartest, most detail oriented officers. He is a credit to his region and division. He is a hero and has saved lives. He is what the future of policer officers in ontario should be. - C. Burden, Oakville

Mike Tarini Nomination

My dad has always been my hero. Whether he was getting me school supplies for a science project, or dropping me off at piano lessons - he's always been there for me. But as a police officer's child, I quickly realized that my dad wasn't just my hero - he was my community's.

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Rodney Burrows Nomination

I nominate Rodney Burrows for he is a very pleasant man and does a lot of good things for the children of this city, from earn a bike to teaching them about drugs and also helping them be safe while using the Internet he is very caring and a great roll model for kids.

- Sheri Williams, Sault Ste. Marie