Keith Fleury, Brockville Police Service (2)

On May 15, 2016, I woke up in the cells at the Brockville Police station, doped up, sick and with a broken thumb. It was also my 33rd birthday. I had been arrested for domestic violence earlier that morning. I had no recollection of what had happened or how I conducted myself while being arrested. Then Keith came back into the cells to tell me what had happened and how I acted while being arrested. He told me that he knew I was a good person, but my addiction had turned me into someone he didn’t recognize anymore and that I was better than how I was living. I was released four days later and I attended my first Narcotics Anonymous meeting that night. I’m happy to report that I’m coming up on six years clean on May 18. Thank you for saving my life, Keith.

Megan Petzel, Thunder Bay Police Service

Megan is a Communications Supervisor for Thunder Bay Police Service. She is also someone so deserving of any recognition; especially one at this level. She is known for going above and beyond for her team, officers and the public.

The reason why she was nominated was for a call she and her team handled in which a young teenage girl was in town for school, had dialed 911 and had absolutely no idea where she was or how long she had been outside in -20 degree winter weather. It was not known at the time that the girl had suffered from epilepsy and she had just come-to out of a seizure and was quite disoriented.

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Kristine Jarvis, Chatham-Kent Police Service

Kris is an outstanding roll model and serves the community of Chatham-Kent with pride and honour. She is an original member of the Shop With A Cop (now Holiday with a Hero) steering committee, Salvation Army Toy Drive Chairperson, volunteer with the MAKE A WISH Foundation, President of the Board, Chatham-Kent Victim Services, Bursary & Donor Coordinator, Paul Herfst Memorial Bursary and Polar Plunge for Special Olympics participant. Kris never misses the opportunity to coordinate a blanket, coat, hat or mitten drive for those without shelter. She plans birthday and retirement celebrations for her colleagues and continually promotes goodwill and kindness.

Adam Fisher, Brantford Police Service (2)

It is with great pleasure that I nominate Adam Fisher for the 2022 Police Service Hero awards. When I met Adam, I immediately feel in love with his personality. He is a kind soul and loves giving of his time with no accolades needed!! Watching Adam with Finn, his canine partner, shows the kind, genuine man Adam is considering the work he does and what they see daily. Adam demonstrates extraordinary commitment to his community. We are so lucky to have them both on our side keeping us safe!! Thank you, Adam and Finn.

Brian Jones, Ontario Provincial Police

Brian Jones has been recognized by several officers throughout the northwest region for going above and beyond the call of duty for rescuing a drowning person and then receiving the life-saving medal for his heroism. He has been recognized in the east region for outstanding traffic initiatives, truck inspection, motor vehicle collision recovery strategy and his passion for highway safety throughout the province. He rescued a pilot that crashed his plane in the woods of Tincap, Ontario. First on the scene, Brian Jones recovered the pilot, who was almost drowning in mud, pulling him out of the pit. He administered the necessary first aid and carried the pilot to EMS on scene.

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Adam Fisher, Brantford Police Service (2)

Constable Adam Fisher is the kind of LEO that I want keeping our streets safe. He acts in a leadership role at his local martial arts gym, sets a shining example of fitness to his peers, and his love for his hometown radiates in everything he does. He goes the extra mile even when he thinks nobody will notice. He is a man that makes me want to be a better human being all around and immediately raises the spirits of any room he walks into. We need more people like him, period. Badge or not.

Mihajilo Knezevic, Brockville Police Service (2)

I am very thankful for Mihajilo Knezevic and the support of the Brockville Police while I struggled to leave a domestic relationship. Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.

Manny Coelho, Ontario Provincial Police

Manny has been part of the Listowel Police and now the OPP in Listowel for as long as I can remember. He goes above and beyond, not just when he is on duty, but also when he is off duty. He has inspired many in our community. He is one of the reasons my 7-year-old wants to be a police officer.

Shawn Borgford, Brockville Police Service (6)

I am nominating Officer Shawn Borgford as my hero as I had a very contentious relationship with my ex - she would withhold my daughter from me when it was time for my visits. Police were called on numerous occasions by my daughter's mom when she would deny me access to my daughter. Officer Borgford took the time to listen to me and saw our custody agreement. He tried to call my daughter's mom, who always had excuses, including too much snow on the road. Shawn suggested sending her over by taxi which wasn't acceptable, so he went to my daughter's house with me. She ran straight into my arms! As I put her in the car seat, I turned around and saw Shawn give me the thumbs up. I am so grateful for this man, as exchanges have become easier since then. Thank you, Shawn.

Shawn Borgford, Brockville Police Service (6)

I'm nominating Shawn Borgford for this award be cause he's an amazing cop. He really helps people in trouble. I was being harassed at work and Shawn went out of his way to make sure I was safe. Last year when my six-year-old nephew was upset he wouldn't be able to have a birthday party, Shawn got the team together and surprised my nephew with a drive-by party. If anyone deserves this award, it's Shawn. He has a heart of gold.