Lauren Lombardi, Brantford Police Service (2)

Lauren is a young, caring police officer who cares for people in need.

Trevor McKenna, Hamilton Police Service (2)

I nominate Trevor McKenna of the Hamilton Police for going above and beyond the line of duty. He changed my family's life. When he was on my property looking for someone on the run, he had so much compassion for my son, who lost his father at a young age. Now, every year on my son's birthday, he comes out to see him every year. I can't thank him enough for being in our life. He has shown us that there is still good out there in a world of bad. Keep it up.

Jeff McLean, Ontario Provincial Police

Constable Jeff McLean of the Ontario Provincial Police is well known for his active participation with the Special Olympics through the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Jeff has hosted and attended many community events supporting children with disabilities in our community. He has hosted the Polar Plunge in Shelburne over the past few years. His commitment to show leadership in supporting children with disabilities goes above and beyond. Jeff is continually volunteering his time to bring awareness to those who need it the most, whether it be in schools promoting safety, or hosting the Polar Plunge and the Torch Run. He has a caring heart and his dedication to his job goes without saying. He is a hero in many ways, especially to those with disabilities.

Lauren Lombardi, Brantford Police Service (2)

Officer Lauren Lombardi deserves to win. She not only attended the scene of a incident that changed my life when I was hit crossing the road and had internal bleeding, but she also showed professionalism in how she handled me, the victim, and empathy to the elder who hit me with her car. She also followed up with me after my release from hospital and made me aware that my case was sent to the traffic department. She transported my partner, who was with me at the time and couldn't go in the ambulance and was unable to drive himself because he doesn't have a driver's license. She showed professionalism during a life changing incident for me and the person who hit me, and she went above and beyond with follow up and made sure I had the information needed for prosecution of the hit and run!

Months later I am reminded of how she went above and beyond during this and she did so like it was part of her job, although many of the things she did were not.

David Kerkhof, Hamilton Police Service (2)

Officer Kerkhof is a dedicated police officer, whether it be on patrol or with the canine division. He deserves to be recognized for his commitment and service.

Greg Francis, Brockville Police Service (4)

Greg puts the community first, attending every city event and bringing positivity along with him.

Graham MacGregor, Ontario Provincial Police (6)

It’s not easy to write about someone who has had such a profound impact on one’s life. The concern is often that I won’t put into words exactly how this professional helped me. In reality; he saved my life. If you had known me back then, you would know I was the last one who wanted to be saved. I was living my death sentence and the reason I’m here today is because of the support of one officer. In September of 2019, I was very much rushing to hit my rock bottom. I was burnt out, sleep deprived, addicted to anything and everything, and nursing a psychosis from allowing my PTSD to go unchecked. I had hit my breaking point and crashed my vehicle into a tree. Laying out all the facts is important: In my vehicle, I had paraphernalia, medications that weren’t mine, and I was in a state that one could only assume I was impaired. I was brought to the hospital where I met Officer MacGregor.

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Leesa Bell, Brantford Police Service

Leesa has been an inspiration to many. She has been raising her granddaughter since birth. Instead of taking a day to herself, she contributes to helping her church members and volunteers in the community. She volunteers in police training exercises when not in her job of evidence filing and storage. This is Leesa's second undertaking at the Brantford Police Service, as she was also a 911 dispatcher.

Ian Clark, Saugeen Shores Police Service (3)

I nominate Officer Ian Clark for the Community Role Model award. He dedicates time, patience and love to his community. He has most definitely made an impact on the children and now teenagers of Saugeen Shores. I remember very well when Officer Ian came to my public school when I was in Grade 3 or 4 and we did a program called “K.I.D.S”, more commonly know as “DARE”. I’m now a high school student and I still remember him, which says something about how great a job he is doing in setting up our generation for a good and safe future. I still see him around town, and I  always say hi. Officer Ian is the most kind and caring officer I’ve ever met. One who will forever be known to make a difference and help his community. Thank you, Officer Ian, and the whole Saugeen Shores police team for your dedication and service to the community.

Ed Sanchuk, Ontario Provincial Police (14)

Sergeant Ed Sanchuk, always going above and beyond his duties as an OPP officer. Five star! From Simcoe, Ontario