Nic Ouderkirk - Durham Regional Police Service

Nic, my police hero, has been a support system since day one. When informing him I eventually wanted to be a police officer as well, Nic went the extra mile for me. He contacted his colleagues in recruiting, set up meetings for me, and gave me his notes and advice on succeeding in the different application stages. Nic has been there for me not only through policing but also in my personal life, meeting me for coffee when times are tough and, overall, being a shoulder to cry on. If anyone deserves the Extra Mile Award, it’s Nic. If anyone could win every single award, it would be him. The world is a better place with him in it, and communities across the Durham Region are safer because he chose this career.

Cst. Darryl Rice-Durham Regional Police Service

Darryl has spent the last several years running the toy and food drive at Christmas time and has got so many of our community's businesses to help donate to the cause. He also donates so much of his time to the senior citizens of Durham, teaching them how to be safe. even has a show on Rogers' channel 10.

Darryl also spends his weekends in the summer at all kinds of events like crime prevention week, community safety days, and so many other events.

Cst. Megan Ryan - Hamilton Police Service

I was torn between nominating Megan for the Extra Mile Award, Community Role Model or On-Duty Difference Maker…because she’s all of them. I met Megan through my role with a local charity focused on at-risk children and youth. Our long-standing community partnership with Hamilton Police Services meant we frequently communicated with them about events, collaborations, etc. My first interaction with Megan was that she was eager to come to our event & engage with our members & their families. Truth be told, many of them have unpleasant experiences with HPS due to their home life, & Megan knew that it was important to let them know & feel that police are ALWAYS there to help, are approachable & fun. Megan & her partner played games with the kids & engaged in other great activities with them. After the event, charity staff & event guests raved about how amazing Megan was. Lots of kids even said their thoughts about police changed after meeting her. After that first interaction, I knew she was special. Every event we hosted, I invited her. She came to each one with a smile on her face & an underlying mission to shift the mindset of our charity’s youth towards police. She succeeded in doing this every single time. I came to find out that she also sat on a committee, Project Concern, that donated monetarily to us & other charities to support our mission of creating life-changing opportunities for our members to overcome barriers they face. This committee means the world to Megan; every time we speak, you can see the passion in her eyes & hear it in her voice when she’s telling you what’s next for Project Concern. Project Concern also plans a huge Christmas event for children & youth & invites us to send many of our members every year. They have a wonderful dinner & each get a present. On top of that, she creates light-hearted & fun social media posts for HPS that are still educational & create awareness. Another specific example of why she deserves to be recognized happened at another one of our events. She was playing soccer in uniform with some of our youth members & noticed one of the boys was very talented. She spoke with their mom that was present & the mom mentioned she knows how talented her son is, but she unfortunately can’t afford to pay for him to play travel soccer. Megan came to me about this & we, as the charity, offered to pay for the registration fees at a local soccer club. But Megan didn’t stop there… she knew the family didn’t have a vehicle, & with Megan’s son trying out for the same team, Megan offered to pick up & drive the youth member & his mother to try-outs, practices & games. She did this out of the kindness of her heart. After speaking with the boy’s mother, she told me she was blown away by Megan’s generosity & support. I could go on & on about how much of an impact Megan has had & will continue to have in the community, but it would be a short novel at this point. Please vote for Megan. The community needs her to continue changing the narrative between local police, youth & their families.

Cst. Gul Mohammad - Niagara Region Police Service

I first met Gul during COVID-19; we were placed in a group of individuals online who were on a project to make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community. Gul and a fellow officer told us about the new division they were developing within Niagara, the Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Unit. Thanks to Gul and COVID-19 and continuing partnerships, the EDI Unit has become one of the most recognized and appreciated units within the Niagara Region Police Service. Gul is always at each event for different communities; he shares his struggles and stories to bond and relate to others and always goes above and beyond to make sure that not only is the call of duty respected, but so is how things are handled differently in each community. This unit would not have the dedication and relationships it has today if it were not for Gul.

Cst. Amy MacLean - Niagara Region Police Service

I would like to nominate Officer Amy MacLean for The Extra Mile Award for her exceptional dedication and compassion toward individuals experiencing mental health challenges. On numerous occasions, Officer MacLean has gone the extra mile during her shifts, displaying a remarkable commitment to aiding those in need. Her ability to approach situations with empathy and a deep understanding of mental health issues has not only diffused potentially volatile circumstances but also positively impacted the lives of those she encounters. Officer MacLean’s unwavering commitment to public service, particularly in mental health, makes her a deserving candidate for this prestigious award. She puts her passion for helping others to the front, has always been willing to help, and will always go the extra mile to help not only with mental health situations but with all situations that she encounters.

Police Constable Patrick Cole - Hamilton Police Service

Police Constable Patrick Cole is a leader and role model for all at Hamilton Police. He mentors young officers with his knowledge of police and provides a positive working environment. On his time off, he organizes numerous ProAction Cops & Kids events to help bridge the gap between youth in Hamilton and the police. Pat has spearheaded programs such as Boats & Goals, The ProAction Megabowl and Over the Edge. These events have changed the outlook on policing. Pat is a true inspiration!

Sgt. Ali Toghrol, Ottawa Police Service

For over 17 years with the Ottawa Police Services (OPS), Sgt. Ali Toghrol, currently the Sgt. Hate and Bias Crime Unit has served with distinction. In these challenging times, where hate is more prevalent in our communities, according to a report from Chief Eric Stubbs (OPS), hate-related incidents in Ottawa rose nearly 20% in 2023; there were 460 reported hate-related incidents, which include both criminal and noncriminal.
Through all of this, Sgt. Toghrol has staunchly led his Hate and Bias Crime Unit with the professionalism, compassion and perspective that has made him a trusted and respected OPS representative throughout the Ottawa community. As busy as his mandate makes him, he takes the time to personally meet with Security Chairs, like me, at our Houses of Worship to understand and advise us on our specific areas of security and what the protocol is should a hate-related incident occur.
As Sgt. Toghrol noted in an interview last month with CBC News, “The root cause of hate crimes and hate incidents is the lack of knowledge that people have. Not knowing one another, not trusting one another, having these stereotypical ideas of one another which creates hate and bias in the community.” In the interview, Sgt. Toghrol went on to say that having programs to discuss hate within the community is essential and can be a beneficial way of combating the spread of hateful rhetoric. To address this education gap, Sgt. Toghrol is committed to assisting Houses of Worship in developing programs to help mitigate these foundations of hate.
Sgt. Ali Toghrol is an exemplary role model for his team and colleagues throughout the OPS and, in fact, for Police Services throughout Canada!

Cst. Casey McGregor

Cst. Casey MacGregor helps the community by performing his job as a community police officer, and he goes above and beyond to help any youth who needs him. Casey consistently ensures others have everything he can help them with, regardless of who they are or their current situation. He does this with a constant smile and a caring heart. The youth know they are safe with him and that he will do whatever he can to help them. Currently, he is working with a team, including many youths, to design and implement a park where teens can feel safe and where they can belong and thrive. Although there are always roadblocks, he persists because he knows how it will benefit our youth. We need more people like Cst Casey MacGregor on our police forces, who are kind, caring and ready to listen but do what is required. Learn more here.

Mike Duhacek, Halton Regional Police Services

It’s my pleasure to nominate a Halton Regional Police Civilian member for the Police Hero Honour Roll Award. Mike Duhacek has been a proud member of the Halton Regional Police Service for 25 years. He is the acting Facilities Manager and founder of www.helpmeburycancer.com, the author of One Foot in Front of the Other and the Canadian Ambassador of Cops for Cancer. He embarked on a walk of over 1,000,000 steps across the province of Ontario, from Windsor to Ottawa, in the coldest month of the year, in February 2013. He pulled a 125-pound sled behind him with the word CANCER to raise awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Mike took more than 10 steps for every Canadian who would die from cancer that year. Mike and his RV support vehicle were led across our province by all the police services along the way.
Mike has done countless speaking engagements at schools, corporate functions and Cancer Society events to share his story. He published a book, One Foot in Front of the Other, The Journey of a Million Steps. This book can offer hope and comfort to those who need it, and with each copy sold, profits go back to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Mike has organized and coordinated annual head shave campaigns and created, led and coordinated Movement Challenge Events where he has run an ultra and multiple marathons supporting his team and the Cops for Cancer movement.
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Cst. Joanne Serkeyn, Hamilton Police Service

Cst. Joanne Serkeyn fosters positive office morale by involving her co-workers in fundraising and volunteer efforts. She creates a sense of unity within the forensic unit, making everyone feel important and part of something larger.

Monthly, Joanne brings in coffee and treats for her co-workers, adding a touch of positivity to their work routine. Her thoughtful gestures contribute to a supportive and uplifting work environment.

Joanne Serkeyn is the unsung hero at the Hamilton Police Service, embodying the spirit of community service. Her selfless efforts inspire those around her, creating a ripple effect of positivity.