Cst. Mitch Dumont - Niagara Region Police Service

Mitch is an Indigenous police officer who goes above and beyond to connect his community and members of his police force to bridge the misconceptions around Indigenous people and Police Services by connecting and partnering with Indigenous organizations so that community members are receiving the proper support while eliminating barriers and misconceptions. Mitch is an outstanding leader in his community for anyone from youth to elders. As an Indigenous leader of the Niagara Region, I’ve never felt the closeness of our partnership that Mitch was able to help create within his community and the sense of safety community members have in the presence of Mitch and NRPS. I believe that an officer dedicated to his work and community deserves to be nominated for their outstanding contributions to their community.

Detective/Sergeant Greg O'Connor - Peel Regional Police

I’ve been working with him for a while now on curving auto theft with my company.He’s probably one of the most dedicated and passionate police officers I’ve met in a long time. Countless hours and a huge drive to curve this epidemic

Cst. Sharlene Bordeau - Thunder Bay Police Service

I am nominating Sharlene because of her amazing work supporting the ongoing cause of Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Sharlene began an initiative here in Thunder Bay in 2018. Sharlene started this project five years ago with four trees with thousands of lights, each representing an Indigenous woman reported missing.  Since the inception of Sharlene's idea in 2018, over 20 services in Ontario have joined the cause and lit a tree to support the MMIWG cause.  Her legacy will carry on far past her retirement, as will her passion for the MMIWG cause.

Cst. Mark O'Connell - Guelph Police Service

Cst. O’Connell has been a member of the GPS for 21 years. He is the epitome of a member committed to community engagement. As an officer assigned to the downtown core of Guelph, he serves the community in an unbiased and open manner! Most recently, while off duty, he organized assisting homeless members of the community with cleaning up an encampment and finding shelter for them. Mark O'Connell's name will be given if you speak to community members and ask what officers they know in Guelph. He has been awarded member of the year previously at the GPS and is truly an example of community policing excellence. 

Cst. Evan Haywood - Thunder Bay Police Service

Cst. Evan Haywood saved & rescued a woman from falling into the water off a bridge. Not worrying about himself but about her. He definitely deserves some recognition. Even if that's part of the job. His actions for the individual and community will forever be grateful.

S/Sgt. Barry Ornella - Greater Sudbury Police Service

Barry has a set of strong values and principles, such as reliability, honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness. He has a highly developed capacity to understand another person's perspective and is great at communication. His past includes working all units of the Greater Sudbury Police and working his way to a now staff sergeant, which shows his adaptability and ability to adjust to new conditions. On a personal level, Barry gives a lot of his time coaching hockey!

Provincial Constable Andrew Gamble - Ontario Provincial Police

Constable Andrew Gamble of the Simcoe OPP Detachment keeps us updated daily on issues regarding accidents, areas to avoid due to heavy traffic volumes, weather, and road conditions, among other concerns. He pays exceptional attention to detail, describing all concerns for drivers and people involved in incidents like shopping. He is indeed a very well-respected man in the OPP uniform.

Cst. Matt Haylor - London Police Service

In 2019. Matt Haylor was at home sick when he realized something was more wrong than initially thought. After a visit to LHSC, his life quickly changed as he was diagnosing a disease in his leg. After explaining to the doctors that he was a very active current K9 handler, they pulled off a miracle and saved his leg. After just 6 months and intense therapy, Matt returned to work with his dog Kylo. This was an unbelievable feat, and Matt not only returned to work but was immediately back as one of the best handlers in the unit. Matt's resilience and grit should be honoured and celebrated, as many officers struggle to come to work and perform daily with no medical issues. Last year, due to an issue within the unit, Matt was asked to return to K9 and help the unit, and he did so without blinking an eye. Matt continues to be a leader in the unit and is the definition of the extra mile to me. His dedication to policing, his family and the canine unit is unmatched, and I applaud him.


Cst. Logan Rose - Kingston Police Service

During a routine call on February 16, 2022, Constable Logan Rose, was informed about a distressed woman. he determined she was having a heart attack and immediately started CPR and requested paramedics. He was credited with saving the woman's life.

Sgt. Lila Shibley - Ottawa Police Service

Sgt. Shibley has significantly impacted my life and many others in our community through her leadership of the all-women's mentorship program within our Police Service. This program provides a supportive environment for women interested in pursuing a career as a police constable, offering a comprehensive 4-week mentorship program covering topics such as resume building, navigating the mental challenges of the job, community engagement, and featuring guest speakers. Thanks to Sgt. Shibley's efforts, over 80 women have been inspired to apply to police constables, with four successfully becoming officers and more in the process. Her dedication as a leader and mentor is evident in her commitment to creating opportunities for like-minded individuals to come together and encourage and motivate one another to pursue their dream careers. Beyond her professional role, Sgt. Shibley is also a devoted mother and wife, exemplifying incredible dedication and balance in her life. We are grateful for her continued dedication to the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police Service. Keep shining, Lila!