Cst. Megan McDougall - Ontario Provincial Police Association

Megan brings kindness, calmness and understanding to victims of domestic violence. I was very reluctant to come forward to make a statement that would keep me safe and out of a horrible situation I may have died in. She made me feel that I was heard, believed and was a person, not just a report. I know it's a long road, but with more officers like her, she made a huge difference in my life, and I will never be able to thank her enough. She is a difference-maker.

Sergeant Brian Higgs - Ontario Provincial Police

Brian goes above and beyond to help children. He works at the Child Exploitation Unit for OPP. He volunteered to talk to high school students about internet safety. He is an active community member. He volunteers at the local food bank. He organizes an OPP vs. kids hockey game every year. He volunteered for years coaching kid's hockey.

Provincial Constable Marc Daneau - Ontario Provincial Police

Provincial Constable Marc Daneau has made a huge difference in my life. He loves what he does and never wants to take credit for making a difference. We met at one of the lowest points of my life, and it helped me find my self-worth and confidence to get out of the lifestyle I was in. He knows how to be encouraging when you’re down. With his kindness and patience, he’s made a big difference in my life. He is the best police officer I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He is my hero. He is a difference maker, and because of his impact on my life, I’m hoping to make that kind of impact on someone’s life.

Sergeant Ed Sanchuk - Ontario Provincial Police

Sergeant Ed Sanchuk does not just go the extra mile he also goes above and beyond. He is a community role model, but I would like to nominate him for going the extra mile.
For the last decade, Sergeant Sanchuk has been visiting various churches and outreach centres on Christmas morning with his son and father and handing out bags of goodies to people who are in need. I know that he has made significant inroads with marginalized community members.
Sergeant Sanchuk is always doing things for others to make a difference. He visited a young child in Simcoe with cancer and has continually stayed in touch with him. He also helped another young boy in Delhi who had cancer and truly made them happy. I clearly remember that he also helped with birthday cards and gifts.
He is always doing something for someone, and everyone says he always does it with a smile. He treats everyone with respect regardless of the person's position in our community.
He is truly missed since he moved to London, but I continually see him helping others and usually off duty.
I clearly remember him posting on Facebook about a young girl named Teegan, whom he met in 2019. Teegan went through 70 weeks of chemo. In 2023, he posted a pic with Teegan at the Norfolk Fair. He always goes the extra mile and puts everyone and the community above himself.
One person told me that he was not working and was in a grocery store and paid for a person's grocery bill because they didn't have any money. He did not even question it.
He is very respected, and people know that he is genuine and caring and will always be there to help.
I just wanted to nominate Ed for always going the extra mile. I know I have forgotten many things because everyone continually talks about him, and he deserves this award.

Provincial Constable Kevin Lamacraft - Ontario Provincial Police

PC Kevin Lamacraft went above and beyond several years back to help a young male teenager who was struggling with family and mental health issues. He had run away from home and was feeling suicidal. PC Lamacraft was able to get the young man home, connect him with mental health services, and sit with him for hours listening to his stories. This young man today is healthy, happy and doing well in life, thanks primarily to Kevin's intervention

Provincial Constable Jeremy Renton - Ontario Provincial Police

His passion and drive for his career are evident; he goes the extra mile to ensure everyone in his community is safe. Jeremy also spends his free time volunteering and coaching Special Olympic sports teams, which is AWESOME!!

Cst. Trevor Taylor - Brantford Police Service

In March of 2023, a young woman jumped off a local bridge into the icy, fast water of the Grand River. 
PC Taylor was quick to respond to the river bank, which is down a long trail through a bush area.
PC Taylor located the woman in the rapids and entered the fast water to grab her; however, he missed.
He got out of the water and ran downstream for a second attempt. This time, he was convinced it was his last chance. He swam out and grabbed her. Fighting the current, he was able to get her to the bank. A second officer on the scene was relaying what was happening to dispatch. The Brantford Fire Department attended with their Zodiac and transported the female to EMS and the hospital. Unfortunately, the woman died later that day.
I met PC Taylor when he returned to the police station. I told him to get a hot shower and go home for the rest of his shift; however, he said all he needed was a hot shower and a change of uniform, and he would go back out.
That’s exactly what he did.

Provincial Constable Christine Dineen - Ontario Provincial Police

Provincial Constable Christine Dineen is a visual representative in Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. I had the pleasure of meeting her when my son was going through terrible social anxiety right after the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. We continued running into each other, and she always asked about him. She’s so happy he's improved, stronger and more confident than ever. Takes on extra roles at school to help new students. She can always be spotted in her cruiser around the high schools, and she helps at Hope Chapel on Wednesdays with Hot Dog Lunch. And I also volunteer there too.

Cst. Michael Gallardi - Niagara Region Police Service

I nominate Officer Michael (Mike) Gallardi for their exceptional service and dedication to public safety. On or around December 7, 2023, I found myself in a deeply distressing situation where I was feeling suicidal and overwhelmed. In a moment of despair, I reached out to law enforcement for help, and Officer Gallardi responded promptly and with immense compassion.
Upon arrival, Officer Gallardi demonstrated exceptional professionalism and empathy. He approached the situation with care and understanding, actively listening to my concerns and providing reassurance. Through his calm demeanour and skilled communication, Officer Gallardo was able to de-escalate the tension and help me regain control over my emotions.
Moreover, Officer Gallardi went above and beyond his duty by offering valuable resources and support systems to aid my recovery. His genuine concern for my well-being and commitment to ensuring my safety left a profound impact on me and enabled me to being open to receiving more help and that I was allowed to feel the way I was feeling.
I am immensely grateful for Officer Gallardi's intervention, which undoubtedly saved me from a potentially tragic outcome. Their exemplary conduct embodies the highest standards of his professionalism serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to serving and protecting the community as well as handling mental health calls with care and respect.
In recognition for that day and without a doubt saving myself from doing a permanent action based on emotional reaction. It had left an impact on me that has help my healing journey, if it was not for his help that night and words of honesty and compassion I’m not sure where I would be on my healing journey. As well as him growing up playing hockey as a goalie like myself it felt all more personal to having a personal connection and understanding in such a high stress situation. Officer Gallardi and his selfless actions have made a positive impact on my life and I will forever be greatful for him on that dark night in my time of need.

Sgt. Peter Fowler - Ontario Provincial Police

I’ve known Sgt. Pete Fowler for many years as a police officer. I’ve seen him struggle through severe PTSD for the last few years. I have been so inspired by his acts of kindness, empathy and sense of community, whether it’s been helping and supporting other first responders suffering from PTSD or volunteering his time for community-based such as Canadian Blood Services, Food Bank, Family & Child Services, Canadian Mental Health Association and the local community multi-cultural radio station. Inspiring so many. Thank you for your Service.