Jon Perrin, Ontario Provincial Police (3)

It seems as though Jon did an excellent job at policing, even though he dealt with a lot of trauma. He struggled and attempted to work through it, but knew when to take some time off due to his mental health. Even with PTSD, Jon uses his time, energy and experience to help others with mental health issues by creating programs and fundraising for the cause. He could have given up but didn't....he now easily sympathizes with others who are experiencing mental health issues and works to erase the stigma associated with such!

Graham MacGregor, Ontario Provincial Police (6)

We read the story in the newspaper about Graham’s compassion towards a woman that desperately needed this loving intervention. We know Graham and he is a stand up man, so to read this story we know that it couldn’t have been the first time or the last time that he went above and beyond for someone in need. He has a really big heart and he stands out in his career. We nominate Graham, and we are thankful for his service!

Brent Bennett, Ontario Provincial Police

I would like to nominate Staff Sgt. Brent Bennett. I was once the co-op student for the OPP, and Staff Sgt. Bennett was the one who hired me. I was quite a shy and anxious individual at the time. Staff Sgt. Bennett would pick tasks for me that really brought me out of my comfort zone. I am sincerely thankful for my time working under Staff Sgt. Brent Bennett, and appreciate his determination into helping and guiding me during placement. It was a pleasure to have known him.

Paul McDonald - Ontario Provincial Police (5)

I will never forget that day, exhausted and terrified, when I finally built up enough courage after keeping a secret for a long time, to place that call for help to Haliburton County OPP to let them know I was a victim. I wasn't sure if anyone would listen to or believe me. I am forever grateful that I spoke with Sergeant Paul McDonald. I never met this soul before, but because of you I feel that I was finally listened to and believed. Sergeant Paul McDonald is a really great listener, supportive and kind. Because of your professional and courteous manner, I feel a sense of relief and security for the first time since this incident. I want to let you know how much you are appreciated. Words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude for your dedication and professionalism. I will never forget when you said to me "You sound tired" and I responded "I'm fine." Thank you for noticing I wasn't. It is comforting to know there is someone like you who will listen. Because of you, I am able to fall asleep at night feeling a sense of security. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make everyday. You are my hero.

Ben Bertrend, Ontario Provincial Police

I want to nominate Officer Ben Bertrand of Quinte West OPP. I was at one of the most difficult times in my life. I found it difficult to accept that I was in an abusive situation as I had several people very close to me experience similar situations. I was indecisive about leaving as much as I wanted to stay in hopes that he would change, I realized that wasn't going to happen because he didn't want to. I was feeling hopeless, stuck, alone and afraid. I was tired of the situation, thinking I had no way out and that there was no hope. To be honest, it took me awhile before I knew clearly that this was the right decision. It was 2019 when I called Quinte West OPP to let them know I was ready to leave and that I needed their help. Officer Bertrand came to my rescue. He was very courteous, he made the process quick and he made me feel safe. Without his assistance, I may not be here today. You are my hero. Thank you for your service.

Marc Taraso, Halton Regional Police Service (11)

I see Marc fairly often on Twitter and enjoy the pictures and commentary he posts. He catches so many general everyday infractions in the HTA and highlights what they have done wrong and what it is going to cost them. I feel he is promoting law enforcement well and getting the message out to be a safe driver and use proper road etiquette when sharing the road with others. He also interacts with Twitter followers when he is asked a question, once again showing a positive image of the Police Service.

Wes King, Durham Regional Police Service (14)

I work with Wes's wife and both are non-stop heroes, giving back to their community. I've known Wes for years and his dedication to not only his work, but also the difference he makes in the community and the work he does with those affected by mental health is so admirable. The endless hour he works, spends training, holidays he works and time away from his family/loved ones to keep us all safe in this crazy world deserves a hero award as he and his brother both are unsung heroes!!!

Marc Taraso, Halton Regional Police Service (11)

This officer has made a huge impression on building the awareness of the need for road safety in Halton, and brings his skills and knowledge to media platforms to enhance this awareness with skill and pride! Very pleased he is working in our neighbourhoods keeping us all grounded and safe! The noisemaker reduction program outlines another area where his efforts are appreciated by us all in getting these individuals the right punishment for their errors of judgement. Great officer, worthy of any awards handed out!

Hannah Elkington, Durham Regional Police Service (18)

It is great to have a female K9 officer in our Durham Regional Police force. Young girls will have a role model to look up to and realize they can be the best version of themselves. She epitomizes what beyond the call of duty means. Her community involvement is well known by Durham residents and DRP officers.

Wes King, Durham Regional Police Service (14)

Wes King is absolutely incredible - the definition of a true hero, catching bad guys and being the good guy at charity events. He and his K9 partner go above and beyond to keep our community safe! What a better way to thank him then to nominate him for this!!