Cst. Chris Golder - London Police Service

Chris is a great human and a wonderful example to children in the communities he serves. He took my kids on a tour of the London police station and taught them (including myself) all about his job role and what it means to be a community superhero! We think he’s the coolest and kindest police officer we know, and we are grateful he keeps London safe!

First Class Constable Sean Bear - LaSalle Police Service

My police hero responded to a call for my father. My dad was suicidal and threatening to drive his car off a bridge, but when the police came, my dad was calm and denied it. When all the other police were ready to let him go, he went above and beyond to talk to my dad a little longer to find out what was going on, and they were able to arrest him and bring him to the hospital. He sat with my father most of the evening until they admitted my dad. He was kind and treated him with dignity and respect! Unfortunately, I lost my father on February 5th, but I will forever be grateful for Sean as he bought me more time with him. So, for that, I will forever be grateful; in my eyes, his compassion and dedication make him a hero!

Cst. Ali Al-Roubaiai - Windsor Police Service

Ali is a true example of what it means to be a community officer and leader. He puts all his love, time, and dedication into serving the community and never turns down an offer to be there when needed. He understands the importance of police involvement in the community because he came here as an immigrant. Connecting with newcomers and the community as a whole brings him the ultimate joy and fulfillment.

Cst. Ryan Moser - Waterloo Regional Police Service

I got out of an abusive relationship with my husband. He would still harass my boys and me, scaring us. Constable Moser would check on us; he even talked to me and gave really good advice. The many times I cried and just needed to feel safe, he would tell me things would be okay and that I shouldn’t be afraid to call 911. Constable Moser is a wonderful and caring officer.

Cst. Jason Drobnich - Hamilton Police Service

Nominating Cst. Drobnich for his commitment and actions towards Indigenous individuals in Hamilton and beyond. He is tireless in his pursuit of truth and reconciliation for his community members. He was recently awarded a ribbon shirt from the elders of the Indigenous community - it would be nice to see him awarded his deserved recognition from the force. Thank you.

Dect. Matt Maguire - Niagara Region Police Service

Detective Matt Maguire is the ultimate officer you would want leading an investigation if you or a family member were a victim of a crime. His compassion, kindness, communication, and care were outstanding throughout his entire investigation of a shooting crime committed against a family member of mine. The perpetrator remained at large for 4 months, during which Det. Maguire worked tirelessly, averaging 60-80 hours a week for months to capture this criminal. He made multiple 1-2 hour trips to follow leads, interview known associates of the criminal, and forge partnerships with other police divisions to capture the shooter. He consistently kept us informed, revealing as much as he could in an ongoing investigation, assuring us that he was doing everything possible to close the case. His genuine compassion for the victim and his family went far beyond "just his job" to a level you could compare to that of a family member himself. His laser-sharp focus, determination, and detective skills were beyond what anyone could ask for in a police investigation. He made himself available every day, at any hour, to talk with the victim or his family members. His communication with us provided some comfort under the circumstances, knowing he was going to arrest this criminal and put him behind bars for a very long time, which he did. While on vacation with his family in another country, he took the time to FaceTime us the moment he was informed of the criminal's apprehension. Who does that? Words cannot express the gratitude we all have for this man and his team. He deserves any award available for his tireless service to help keep this world a better place.

Cst. Jodi Haugh - York Regional Police Service

I wish to nominate PC Jodi Haugh from York Regional Police Marine and Underwater Recovery Unit for the Extra Mile Award. PC Jodi Haugh has been a member of the York Regional Police Marine and Underwater

Recovery Unit since January 2020. She is very passionate about her position in the Marine Unit and the community she serves. Jodi exemplifies the York Regional Police Mission, Vision and Values and our motto, "Deeds Speak."

The Extra Mile Award is the most fitting category to nominate Jodi as she swam nearly 11 of them (17km) across Lake Simcoe to raise funds for cancer research while highlighting water safety.

In July 2022, Jodi was inspired by a friend and colleague who battled breast cancer and wanted to utilize her position in the Marine Unit as a platform to make a difference.

Her Marine teammates supported the idea and, subsequently, the Executive Leadership Team and our police association (YRPA).  

The event was named "Splash for Southlake," the operational plan featured PC Haugh and Marine officers swimming 17 kilometres across Lake Simcoe while YRP Corporate Communications "tweeted" water safety tips. Online donations for cancer research were set up through the "Southlake Foundation," a charitable foundation for cancer research and treatment in York Region.

On October 1st, the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jodi dove into 16-degree Lake Simcoe water at Friday Harbour in Innisfil to commence the event.

Supported by her teammates, swimming in relay fashion from the shores of Innisfil to York Regional Police Marine Headquarters in Jacksons Point, the gruelling swim took 8 hours to complete.

The event was such a huge success, raising more than $13,000 in 2022, Jodi committed her efforts to the cause annually. In 2023, Jodi led the initiative to another successful year, posthumously dedicating the event in the name of 37-year-old Rachel Rudolf, a York Regional Police officer who lost her battle with cancer in 2023.

Cst. Ashley Jackson - Kingston Police Service

I am nominating Cst. Jackson from the Kingston Police Service. My daughter went to the Law Enforcement camp through the Boys and Girls Club. She took the time to spend with my daughter and became good friends. My daughter was even picked to shop with the cop and was paired with Jackson. My daughter has some special needs and to have someone like Jackson in her life means a lot. We both love and like her so much. It's my hope she will be picked.

Provincial Constable Ken Jones - Ontario Provincial Police

On May 22nd, 2023, I called the police, ready to relapse. I have been sober since March 28, 2023. Unsure what to do and got linked up on the phone with the officer Ken Jones. I explained that I was in recovery and that I was fighting the urge to use or drink, and he listened. Open-minded, he didn't change his tone like I had experienced in other instances when I specified, I was an addict and alcoholic. He talked me down and let me ramble and vent. Showed kindness like I hadn't received in a long while. I believe if I had had relapsed. I wouldn't have survived that relapse. He made me realize that police officers are just people, honest. Caring and compassionate ones at that exist. I do believe he is the sole reason I am just over ten months sober and alive today. He may not understand the impact he has by simply being a listening ear, but that saves lives. So thanks to him!! He rocks!!

Cst. Jordan Wells

Jordan Wells goes the extra mile by helping our security team out every time he’s on shift. However, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Jordan Wells at Belleville General Hospital. Anytime Jordan came in, he was always helpful with information that needed to be provided or just a happy smile to check in! This is why Jordan Wells is my Police Hero.