Provincial Constable Rochelle Cheverie - Ontario Provincial Police

This officer is caring, kind, and considerate. She has gone out of her way to ensure I have been informed of an ongoing investigation involving myself as the victim. She has even assisted me by looking up and providing me with the contact information I required.
When she had an update on the case, she immediately asked if I had been notified. When she found out I had not been notified, she called me directly to keep me updated. She made me feel like a priority in her busy job. Provincial Constable. Cheverie, out of the Brighton O.P.P. Detachment, is the most upstanding and honest officer I have ever known! Kudos for really caring about cases and the people involved in them! 

Sgt. Lynsay Dickson - Gananoque Police Service

I am nominating Sgt Lynsay Dickson because she goes above and beyond daily with her community work. You would be hard-pressed to find a citizen of Gananoque who doesn’t know Lynsay; she can be found at community events or just out on foot talking to and meeting the members and visitors of our small town. Not only does Lynsay have the ability to calm any situation, but she can connect with any person that she meets instantly, and when you talk to her, you feel like you’ve known her for years, even if you just met her. Lynsay can often be found at one of our local schools assisting with breakfast clubs or spending time with the town's young people and building invaluable relationships between the young people and the Police Service. She selflessly devotes her time to organizing or assisting in organizing liaison events between the police and the community. Lynsay will go above and beyond to help anyone, no matter their circumstance, without any judgement, and without expecting recognition for her actions, no matter how impactful they are. She is an amazing community role model and the epitome of what a community police officer should be.

Cst. Hugo Lopez - Waterloo Regional Police Service

I met Hugo Lopez at our local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym in Cambridge a few years back. What I can confidently say about him is that he is a natural-born leader. He makes a positive impact throughout the gym atmosphere is extremely funny, and has many talents. I believe he possesses the highest traits related to his civilian life and being a police officer. His compassion and Integrity towards people make him the perfect candidate for the Community Role Model Award. He has inspired a few individuals to pursue policing as a career, including myself. Hugo has always been led by example, and I am grateful we crossed paths.

Det. Jera Skeotch - Niagara Region Police Service

Det. Jera Skeotch works in the Domestic Violence Unit for the Niagara Regional Police. She always goes over and above for the victims of which she works with. She has helped me in so many ways that I feel she will never truly understand the gratitude I have for her. Det. Jera continues to provide support for the victims/ survivors even after the case is closed. She is truly amazing at what she does and is the ONLY officer in the entire NRP police force that I trust. She has continued to support me even years after my domestic situation. I can reach out to her at anytime for guidance and she will always respond. Det. Jera deserves this award and so many more for her outstanding work in the Domestic Violence Unit at the NRP.

Michael Cuillerier - Saugeen Shores Police Service

He’s a dedicated officer who takes great pride in his work. He helps others and keeps our streets safe. I witnessed him giving CPR to a man in need. Saving lives is what he is about. He is a great police officer, and I’m happy he’s protecting our town.

Cst. James Galie - Niagara Region Police Service

Cst. Galie showed exemplary courage, quick thinking, and heroism in the life-saving measures of a person suffering from serious, life-threatening injuries. Without the quick thinking, care and compassion of PC Galie, this individual likely would have died as a result of the traumatic injuries. Outside of this interaction, he is a dedicated and respected member of the NRPS.

Kim Bastin - York Regional Police Service

A long-term member of York Regional Police, Kim Bastin exemplifies the qualities of a true police hero. She goes above and beyond in all that she does and is always willing to help others.

She has been involved in many significant projects that have catapulted the organization forward and contributed to operational effectiveness. She developed a Project Intake process to manage human and capital resources effectively.

Kim is a straight shooter and members in the organization seek her out for her honesty and expertise, knowing that she goes above and beyond to ensure every project is successful.

Kim takes just as much pride in volunteering and raising money for Holiday Hero’s and Special Olympics. Kim is an extraordinary member of YRP and should be recognized for her professionalism in policing.


Provincial Constable James Giovannetti - Ontario Provincial Police

Provincial Constable James Giovannetti started the Mobile Crisis Response Team in Dufferin OPP. He went above and beyond, working many extra hours on and off the clock to ensure the program runs smoothly. He formed caring relationships with members of our community and a great rapport with many. As one gentleman reached his final days, James worked to locate his children, facilitated phone calls with loved ones, and frequently visited to lift his spirits. His MCRT team is making a big difference, connecting our vulnerable population with help. James and his program take a load off-the-road officers. He takes the time to listen, empathize, and find help for struggling people. He volunteers as a peer supporter and checks in on fellow officers after a difficult day/call. His nurse partner, Angela, is kind and caring, a huge asset to the team.

Sgt. Alyson Watt - Kingston Police Association

Sgt Watt always goes the extra mile as a police officer. She has always been a strong female role model and has always possessed a drive to make a difference. She has always shown strong perseverance, dedication and pride in policing. I have always looked up to her, and because of her, I have followed my dream of becoming a police officer.

Andrew Gough - London Police Service

Sergeant Gough exemplifies exceptional leadership within his community, serving both as a dedicated police sergeant with 23 years of service and as a Captain in the military which he has served since 1999. His commitment to safeguarding the community through law enforcement and protecting the nation through military service sets a remarkable example for others to follow.

In 2019, Sergeant Gough took part in a campaign within his police service that challenged the stigma of mental health challenges. The ‘Stronger than you know’ campaign shared his and others' stories of mental health struggles to combat the misconception that such struggles signify weakness. Through his journey, he discovered that seeking help is a testament to true strength. He received the Sacrifice Medal for injuries sustained by hostile action/act of terrorism while deployed in Tripoli, Libya during Operation LOBE in 2014. These injuries, along with a career of being exposed to and involved in dangerous and traumatic situations, led to his diagnosis of PTSD in 2015. He is also a mental health advocate and was named the 2019 Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex “Champion of Mental Health” for his work and openness to share his story of injury and recovery as an emergency services member.

Sergeant Gough decided to use his experience to serve the community of veterans and first responders by launching a Federally Registered Not-For-Profit organization, Veterans and Everyday Heroes (V-EH). The organization’s mission works to ensure veterans and first responders receive the support they require to achieve and/or maintain mental and physical wellness. In addition to veterans, V-EH supports nurses, doctors, fire, police, 9-11 dispatchers and EMS.

Sergeant Gough's unwavering dedication to duty, integrity, and altruism in the face of adversity inspires those around him to strive for excellence and make positive contributions to society. His tireless efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of his community members, coupled with his compassionate approach to serving others, make him a true role model.

Sergeant Gough's leadership is characterized by his willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. He fosters a sense of trust, transparency, respect, and unity among his peers and the people he serves. His commitment to excellence and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good make him an invaluable asset to the community and a beacon of hope for future generations.