Brent Sedgwick, Cobourg Police Service (2)

Although Brent is my brother, he is extremely respected in our community. Having lived here in Cobourg all our lives, he is very well known. After the tragedy that took place at NHH resulting in lives being taken, I couldn’t be prouder of Brent for potentially saving other lives that night. He truly is my hero! He’s such an asset to the department, and this wonderful town we live in!

Andrew Baboth, Hamilton Police Service

Auxiliary Sergeant Andrew Baboth is not only an amazing dad, but he is someone who would do anything for anyone, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving. With COVID, community interaction has been limited, but pre-COVID, he would attend youth trips and he loved his shifts with the Hamilton Police Service. I know when things get back to normal, my dad will back doing what he does best: making a difference and helping others.

Brandon Nunney, Ontario Provincial Police

In August 2020, my daughter's fiancé was killed in a car accident. When my daughter and I arrived on scene and were told that her fiancé was deceased, Officer Brandon Nunney stayed by her side the whole time. I know that he was doing his job just like every other officer, but this was different. I knew I could trust him to sit with her while I called our family. If we have any questions or just wanted to have some reassurance, I could contact him at any time and he always replies. My daughter's fiancé's name was also Brandon. It felt like Brandon Nunney was sent to us to watch over my daughter. He has a heart of gold. I want to nominate him to know how much we appreciate him, how much I have respect for him and to thank him for being there for us during this tragedy. He deserves to be shown as a hero, as he was for me that day.

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Greg Francis, Brockville Police Service (4)

Greg has a passion for his community and always leaves a positive impression wherever he goes. Greg is our community relations officer here in Brockville. He runs the Youth In Policing Initiative (YIPI) program and goes around educating kids on the importance of internet safety and bullying. He is not an officer that is feared when seen - kids actually get excited to see him. My son decided he wanted to become an officer and was hired on to work the YIPI program with Greg. I feel Greg went over and beyond with my son at that time and still to this day. 

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David Borgal, Ontario Provincial Police

My very special #policehero hero is an OPP 911 Dispatcher by the name of David Borgal, who works out of the Orillia headquarters. Yes, I am a little biased as he is my son, but I have watched him become not only a good dispatcher, but a wonderful inspiration to others! It gives me pride to see him interact with coworkers, the outside of work volunteering he does for our local theatre group and the countless amount of overtime he puts in at both! David is a quiet, but well spoken individual who is willing to help out wherever and whenever needed. His many accolades at work from his superiors makes me even more proud of him. He may not put himself in harms way like the officers do everyday, but he has surely helped many from being harmed!

Sergeant Mark McGugan, London Police Service

Sergeant Mark McGugan of the London Police Service has been an Officer for many years. He is a hard worker, extremely dedicated and he cares about the community. He has been involved in the London Torch Run for many years, raising lots of money along with other officers. His recognition is well deserved.

Mary Gagliardi, Ontario Provincial Police

Mary's title may be Community Safety Officer, but she wears many hats. She talks about normal safeties like her "Lock it or Lose it" program and speaks to teens at the local high schools. She is also Haldimand's broadcaster, reporting on the all happenings, both good and bad. She is straight to the point and speaks well. She focuses on water safety, which is very important in Haldimand due to the speed of the Grand River, the undertows of Lake Erie and, in the winter, those dangerous ice mounds that no one should walk on. She has been on the force for almost 23 years and is a role model to any young women considering a career in policing.

Greg Francis, Brockville Police Service (4)

Greg Francis is an absolutely an amazing police officer - most definitely Brockville's biggest community role model. He does anything for the community, whether it's raising awareness about bullying, the use of Narcan and spreading mental health awareness around the community. He's one of the greatest officers to talk to for personal advice and how to keep doing better.

Adil Khalqi, Brantford Police Service

"Adil is my idol! I'm 16 years old and I literally want to be like him. I want to make a change in the community, and I want to inspire kids like me in the future, just like he's doing right now. His job looks very rewarding and I hope to one day get into the police academy."

Michael Lamothe, Ottawa Police Service

Sergeant Michael Lamothe and his team including detectives Mazzarotti, Paradis, Vanderwater, Quesnel and McLaughlin were instrumental in our family's plan to find our missing son/brother. We spoke everyday and went over any new developments with this professionally engaged and caring team. The plan to keep our son/brother's profile and name current and in the news, and to keep the public informed was a daily grind. This amazing team helped us focus, they covered all leads and kept us up-to-date.

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