Susan Wolak

We would like to nominate Susan Wolak as a Police Hero. Sue works with Halton Regional Police Service at the front desk as a civilian employee where she has been for 30 years. Before her son was born, she was a patrol officer. She has always had the tenacity and confidence to step up and be an advocate for others while at work and outside of work. Part of the altruistic nature Sue embodies is one that allows her to help and offer needed services throughout each and every work day.

This past holiday season, she went above and beyond. St Christopher’s Anglican Church at 662 Guelph Line Burlington, had several needy families that it matched with sponsors. Some sponsors fell through at the last minute. Sue, knowing so many co-workers and others in the community, pulled everyone together to make sure that these families had the holiday season they deserved. She personally spent hundreds of dollars to buy for families. She brought lists to work with ages and genders of children and their wishes for (sadly) hats, boots, winter coats, along with toys, books and scooters of course. We, her co-workers, helped as much as we could with buying, sorting, collecting, emailing and asking for help within the Burlington Station. She went many times to the church to help organize and sort through the donations. She volunteered countless hours of her personal time up until the very last minute to make sure that no one was going to be left out at Christmas.

Sue has helped countless families over the years, in various ways, but this past Christmas we saw firsthand how much her goodwill was contagious and benefited others. Even with a visually impaired son and other personal matters, Sue has never been too busy to help out her community at the drop of a hat. We feel she is long overdue for this nomination, and is so very deserving.