Steve Bond - Nomination

While this happened a few years ago it still touches my heart to this day and therefore I feel it's even more worthy of a nomination as it's something that's stuck with me this long.

About 5 years ago I worked at a school that educated a lot of disadvantaged kids. Every year each school got to nominate 1 child to go with their SRO for the day to spend $200 around Christmas time.

The student that was chosen from our school was very kind and considerate and ALWAYS thought of others before himself. Especially his family. 

One of the first stores he went to he saw a remote control car that he really really wanted but decided it wasn't fair for him to receive such an extravagant gift (I believe it was over $100). Christmas was right around the corner and his family would receive next to nothing. Instead of buying it immediately he confided in Constable Bond that he'd found a gift for everyone else and IF he had enough money left over he'd purchase the truck for himself.

They spent all day shopping and when it was about time to leave the student was very sad that he didn't have enough money left over and went home devastated. 

That Christmas the student received the very remote control car under the Christmas tree from "Santa Claus". Constable Bond knew how much these kids struggled with having nothing and spent a significant amount of money on someone he barely knew just to make him happy. 

This is just one of the many fond memories I have of him which is why I feel he is so deserving of this award. - Leslie Grant, Ottawa