Sgt. Pat Kellar

I am a survivor of childhood abuse. At the time (then) Detective Constable Kellar was assigned to my case, I was on the very brink of suicide. 

Detective Constable Kellar instantly gained my trust and assured me he would work doggedly to pursue justice for me. 

Training can provide the tools but it takes a very special soul to be able to break through to someone who trusts no one and feels completely shamed and abandoned. Detective Constable Kellar made me feel protected. He was available to discuss any concerns I had and co-ordinated my contact with the Victim Witness Protection Staff. I truly believe I would not have made it through the trial without his guidance. He made me feel safe and protected against my perpetrator without saying a word. He was genuine and compassionate and I think the first person who took the time to listen to me and not cast doubt upon my claims. 

I am recovering with the help of counselling and a few very close friends - but not a day goes by without my recalling the feeling of being protected by someone who didn't have to say a word. It has and will be a life long struggle to move on.

In my darkest moments I continue to draw on Detective Constable Kellar's energy. It is hard to put into words how much that one person can change a life but I thank God that he could provide this unconditional safety that my family could not.