Sgt. Melanie Jefferies

Sergeant Melanie Jefferies rerouted my life and ultimately my recovery after disclosing a childhood secret.

For 20 years I was committed to keeping my childhood kidnapping, sexual assault and near death a secret, convincing myself that nobody would believe me. I was at a point of a mental breakdown before coming forward and Sergeant Jefferies demonstrated incredible empathy and integrity towards me and my struggles. She is honest and trustworthy and was more of a therapist than my actual therapist was during the court process.

Sergeant Jefferies is proactive and has tremendous caliber of character. Remarkably she was instrumental in Kingston Police Force receiving Vern. Vern is a seven year-old canine assistance intervention (CAI) dog who joined Kingston Police in 2015. The yellow lab/golden retriever mix was the first CAI dog to work with a police service in Ontario.

Sergeant Jefferies is a genuine human being and a professional that leads by example.

Photo courtesy of the Kingston Whig Standard: