Sgt. Pat Corcoran

I would like to nominate Sgt. Pat Corcoran of the London Police Service. Not only is he my uncle, but has also been my biggest mentor in life, and role model. He is one whom I can rely on when any kind of help is needed.
As a child I can remember seeing the cape that was on him with every story my brother and I heard, lighting up our faces like we just saw the greatest action movie. However, to Pat, it was just another day helping the community in what way he knew best.

Growing up without a father is something I wouldn't wish on anyone, or in Pat's case, a brother. Yet still throughout my childhood and adolescent years, that hero of mine in uniform made time to fill that seat in the stands at my football, hockey and soccer games. He did this all while being immersed in the community helping others. Anyone who has a family member in law enforcement knows the psychological struggles and the burden he or she faces after so many years of service. I know that now after 32 years of service, his need and desire to help others, greatly out weighs any burden that may be placed on his shoulders.

With the large family we have, Pat could not always be at every celebratory gathering, particularly while being a strong leader on the K-9 unit. We knew this was because someone else was in greater need of our hero. Whether it's his family at home or his brothers and sisters in blue, Pat is always one to count on. On every Christmas Eve, Pat continues to deliver gifts to those less fortunate with other members of the London Police Service, making an effort to ensure a smile on Christmas morning for those who need it most.

While in school at Fanshawe college, and working in the security field, my professors, and those both current and retired officers whom I have come in contact with, have seen first hand the everyday impact of Sgt. Pat Corcoran..."withholds LPS with utmost integrity", "will always have your back when you do the right thing" , "a strong leader" , "The guy you want as back up". "Committed". There are endless words I have heard about Sgt. Pat Corcoran, and endless things I could say myself for the positive impact he has made in my life, our family, and in the community, but in the end there is only one word that describes him - a hero.