Sean Winzar

I am nominating York Regional Police officer Sean Winzar. Over 10 years ago, I was a victim of a crime. I had called the York Regional Police for help. But when Sean Winzar responded, I had changed my mind and wanted him to leave. Sean knew I wasn’t ok, blocked my vehicle so that I couldn’t leave. I was in tears and shaking. In the freezing cold, he got out off his car with no jacket on and tried to talk to me. 

I called him every name in the book so that he would leave. He stayed by my side. Even when I started walking back home, he followed. Finally, I told him everything and he helped me every step of the way. Years later, I applied for my Masters in Social Work and used my story with Sean about why I wanted to be a social worker. 'Til this day, he still remembers me and we have stayed in contact. Thank you, Officer Sean Winzar, for your dedication, hard work and kind heart.