Ryan Salisbury

On August 13th, 2020, Waterloo Regional Cst. Ryan Salisbury and Cst. Rawson responded to a medical call for service at the Frito-Lay plant in Cambridge. My brother, Mike, had collapsed and his heart had stopped by the time Cst. Salisbury arrived on scene. Constables Salisbury and Rawson assisted with the use of the AED and then proceeded to give my brother chest compressions for 14 minutes, keeping him alive until paramedics arrived. Mike was subsequently transported to St. Mary's Regional Cardiac Care Centre... 

...He was kept in an induced coma for two days and has had a defibrillator implanted into his chest to control a genetic issue with his heart. The specialists credited these officers for saving Mike's life. Mike has since been able to go back to doing all of the things that he previously enjoyed, including working full-time again.

Further to this, other members of the family have gone on to have heart tests done and one has been found to have a condition that would have gone undiagnosed except for Constables Salisbury and Rawson saving Mike.

As a retired staff sergeant and as a civilian member, we are aware of the percentage of people who can be saved in such a situation. As a family, we are deeply grateful to Cst. Salisbury and Cst. Rawson for his heroic efforts in saving our brother's life.