Ryan Rodrigues (3)

I am the supervisor of the Hamilton Police Mounted Unit. I receive emails and letters of support about Ryan and Lincoln on a daily basis. I have been on patrol with Ryan and felt the support of this team in the community. I have done many hospital visits with Ryan and have seen first hand the impact on the staff and patients. 

During one visit with Ryan a lady came to the front of the hospital to make sure we would stay until her family member came down. He had seen the horses from his window and wanted to spend some time with them. We had a great visit and posted a picture of the visit to our twitter page. The family kept in touch and advised us of his passing weeks later. They commented on the visit and what it meant to him that day. This is only one example of the impact this team has. Ryan and Lincoln were asked to attend a funeral of a patient that he and Lincoln visited. Ryan is a true hero in the Hamilton Community. You just have to look up Lincoln on social media to see what they do.