Phil Sheldon - Nomination 4

Some say that as we grow, our heroes change. 

Mine has never changed, but evolved over time. My brother, Phil Sheldon, is my hero.

As a child he was a good natured as they come. Shorts and rubber boots with a big goofy grin making other smile. His strength of character lied in continually sticking up for the underdog, seeing the best in everyone and offering them a chance, regardless of the implications. Service before self. 

As a young adult he continued the same path and true to his nature, became a policeman. His strength, courage, compassion and drive to help others led him to a cruel fate. 

While responding to a domestic, Phil sustained extensive burns to much of his body. He has endured so much and still has such a long road to go for recovery. Unbearable pain, countless surgeries, reconstruction and physical therapy could wear anyone's spirits. 

My hero's response speaks volumes. "He would not change a thing". 

Some hero's wear capes, my hero wears a badge that says, Niagara Regional Police, 9425. - Jennifer Sheldon